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A busy Mom of 3 making her way on a journey to becoming a working Author.

Hi everyone,
 I'm Vivi. I am a writer with a love of imagination and learning. I have been a writer since I was a six-year-old, dreaming up stories about my favorite teddy bears. My writing journey began back then, with the first story I ever published, in the class bulletin board project. I am on a long and winding road from aspiring Author to Published Author. As the mother of three wild crazy beautiful kids, I have lots of inspiration to fuel my words and illustrations. I live with my husband and Lil' Littles in lively, sunny, southern CA. These days I create when I can, squeezing in writing sessions while being a stay-at-home Mom. I write in many genres including YA and YA Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Children’s Chapter Books, and Picture Books. The mix of magic and storytelling that fills my mind also fills the pages of endless notebooks and computer files. I enjoy reading, music and cuddling under a warm blanket at home with the family and a cup of hot coffee. I always have my computer nearby, in case inspiration strikes.
My goal with this site is to keep track of my journey, and the pitfalls and successes as I travel the path from aspiring Author to published/working Author. 
Please feel free to follow me on this journey. There will be fun and funnies and lots of hard work and dreaming. I hope you enjoy the ride.



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