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When wayward Brianna returns home after six years gone; she and her four sisters must relearn their sisterly bond. They must rely on newly discovered powers and a twisted network of unknown history to gain the strength to stand as powerful women and save Bri's true love, and themselves from the dark elements that would stop at nothing to destroy their inner light just as they have reclaimed it.

 Teensy is an ordinary little mouse thrown into an extraordinary adventure in the wild unknown. 

To save the home she loves Teensy must rely on two unlikely companions; her wild sometimes odd cousin Squeaker and a lazy house cat called Seven. When the trio set out on a dangerous journey, Teensy discovers that in her heart lies a desire to live outside the walls that have protected her and see the world she has feared for so long. However, at what cost will she gain her freedom. 

When little princess Addie finds a loud baby dragon has moved into her castle she tries everything to rid herself of the pest. Will she ever get back what is hers, or will the dragon take over and drive her out?


Join Addie on her colorful adventure as she learns how to share and grows to love the little pest that has taken over.

Copyright 2016 Vivi@Home

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