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6 online Writing Communities you should join during Quarantine.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

In this, the lonely time of Corona Virus three major themes are going around: Safety, Fun in the face of boredom, and Keeping Connections. As a writer, I can think of no better way to use the time home than working on writing projects, one of the best ways to do that is building up your writer connections. So here are 5 main ways to keep up your Writerly connections when in quarantine:

#AuthorTube- #AuthorTube is a collection of online hashtags across Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook that gather authors helping authors. Mostly the term AuthorTube is related to those authors and aspiring authors who have opted to give advice or to document their own writing journey. It's filled with tips tricks and lots of funnies.

#Nanowrimo- an online site that gathers groups of writers for yearly challenges (two early in the year (April/July) and one in the fall (November) that aim to write 50,000 words in 30 days. There are large forum groups and great ways to connect and simultaneous challenges to stimulate your writing ruts.)

#Scribphile- An online site that has free and paid plans to connect and talk about writing with other groups of friends, and offer critiques and comradery.

#Facebook Writing groups- Looking up groups with targeted subjects in Facebook Groups will give you a wide range of social gatherings online including those geared at writers and illustrators. One such group started by fellow writer Nicole River is aptly named #StopWritingAlone, and she has great ways to help you get your writing gears rolling as well as lots of tips on how to expand your own writing community.

#Dischord Groups- Like Facebook groups Discord is another online platform for chatting, video, and voice where you can connect with like-minded people on one server in a variety of subjects. (Hint: most of the above-listed choices have dedicated Discord groups!)

#OnlineWriting Conferences- Like many of the Homeschooling or Work Zoom calls, people have moved more and more learning and connecting tools to online communities, and Writing Conferences like #WriteonCon are a great example of how you can continue to connect and learn even when quarantining.

SO while you are on lockdown and working on your major writing goals don’t forget to reach out, be it zoom calls or live streams on Facebook or Youtube don’t forget writing communities help you to grow and learn more about yourself and your writing journey. Happy Writing!

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