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Mompreneur?? or HobbyMommy??

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

So the question gets asked a lot these days; How DO THEY do it? Mom’s who run the world, working and/or raising kids, following the power of yes, and steering the ship, sometimes it looks like these Moms must have it all and know some super secret answer to the universe. Do they have a business model I can join?

But for the rest of us, there is a little “eek” voice inside, telling us that what we are reaching to achieve is just way too high. How do we balance the job of raising the tiny futures of our society, while presenting a good example of strength, morals, and ethics? How do we keep up appearances while also trying somehow to keep our dreams of reaching the stars alive and also trying to attain that fabulous glow that is a successful mom’s signature look?

Here are a few truths about the journey of becoming a Mompreneur, and why no one should ever measure their success by how the other moms are doing it.

Myth #1- Some moms just have it all together.

Don‘t kid yourself, ALL moms have THOSE days.

No one is perfect and everyone has days where they leave the house with that dribble of baby spit-up on their shirt or that mascara smeared from last night you forgot to clean off. Every mom out there gives up on cooking family meals sometimes and stops at the drive through or orders in. Every Mom out there has at some point weighed the pros and cons of moving a baby who has fallen asleep fully dressed to their bed without changing them into their PJs, just so they don’t have to wake the little critter up. Myth #2- Being a full-time mom means you must have no life.

OH heck no! Being a Mom means you have an overFULL life.

When you see a Mom at drop off who is one of those SAHMs (You know the type, she looks relaxed like she isn’t rushing to punch the clock, possibly wearing yoga pants instead of slacks.) Don’t automatically assume she will sign up to fill every empty slot at the school carnival, don’t assume she will volunteer all week in the kinder class (cause she has nothing better to do), and don’t assume she is going home to sit on her laurels to eat Bonbons and binge Netflix either. That Momma, is doing shift one of her job, dropping off the kids, then it’s on to shift two (which she may or may not get paid for), she is heading home to get a few basic responsibilities out of the way so she can get to her side hustle whatever it is! Possibly she is running her own small business, or writing a book, or studying for her real estate exam, or making crafts to sell at the local craft fair. The possibilities are endless, except with her time because she has to be back here in just a few hours to pick up her little one and begin shift three and four and still try to squeeze in some time for sleep before getting into it all over again.

Myth #3- Moms who work VS Moms who SAHM: It’s a battlefield!!

Whoever started this one is the kid in the cafeteria screaming FIGHT, FIGHT! When you bump into the kid ahead of you in line. Eff, that kid!

We moms are a friendly breed. We make small talk at the pickup gate; we joke with our neighbors, we chat with the checkout lady when we are being rung up. We are people- people. One thing we are not looking for is a fight over who has it harder, who loves their kids more, who is or who isn’t cut out for the harsh world of BLAH-BLAH-BLAH... We literally don’t have time to worry about that ISH, and anyone who has time to start up this particular conversation needs to stay in her lane, DEBORAH! (sorry to all Deborah's out there)

Myth #4- Starting your own business will be hard with kids at home.

AND!? I like a challenge. I also like the idea of working within a model of providing for my family while also being home and contributing while having a schedule I can manage and showing my children that with hard work and determination you can accomplish what you set out to do. (Exit soapbox)

Seriously, a lot of Mompreneurs end up getting onto their path out of necessity. With the need to stay at home and cut the costs of daycare, or outside home expenses or leaving for work every day, in the recent, past the outside work model has undermined the role of motherhood. Some moms want to own their own businesses. Some, stumble onto the path, but no matter when you arrive here no one should judge you or say you can’t do it, just because you happen to have a couple of ankle biters attached to you at the time you start.

Myth #5- It’s all a SCAM!

Annnd “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” so never try?!

Seriously, yes out in the wide scary world, there are some pyramid schemes and some direct sales companies that tout Mompreneure freedom. And yet there are some people comfortable selling, and comfortable with the stock they have bought into. They have a plan to grow their skills that way, and that is fine too. But often moms can find what they are good at, and passionate about. Then they can figure out a way to invest in themselves and turn that passion and drive into a carrier, and who are YOU to tell them not to? Have you taken a hard look at how you live your life, and what you want to accomplish? There are some great ideas out there lately about when and how starting a business that will work for you. Always weigh your options on what you can afford, how you plan to grow this business and what your short- and long-term goals are. If you can get through that first stage of looking behind the first initial excitement “Oh something shiny and new”, then you probably can go on to the next stage of “how will I scrape together the money I need to start,” with more confidence.

Go for it GIRL!

SO these 5 myths about becoming a Mompreneure are just hurdles Mom’s out there that need to have the want and desire to overcome. If you do jump those hurdles, you will find what you really want out of this mom journey, to be a HobbyMommy or a Mompreneure.

Good Luck!

Vivi @ Home

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