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I'm Baaaaack!

Hey guys long time, no read-write-BLOG?

I have had a long hiatus on this blog. I've removed a lot of content and replaced it with newer better content, and mostly made room for bigger and better things to take over!

So a little update for anyone out there reading or following this space on the wide webs. I am pursuing my writing carrier in earnest and I have had a lot of new adventures begin this past year. One of the first major things to kick of my new year was my youngest daughter being born. And with her birth my brain returned (slowly-but-surely) and with the returned brain activity returned my desire, nay NEED, to return to my writing. But I didn't just want to write in the corner and hide it under my mattress like a dirty little secret anymore. No. I wanted to share my passion with the world. The passion that filled me also overflowed back into my old passion of drawing too. Those who have known me the longest will remember this about me from the years before children and romance.

I took all of these things and began surrounding myself with two essential items. #1-The tools I needed to pursue my passions. #2- The drive to learn as much as I could as fast as I could. I have ground to make up, lots o' lots of ground. So I began what the writing world has termed my Journey and here I am.

I will be releasing my first picture book, a project I started for my little kids two years ago, and finally finished Addie and the Baby Dragon (please check out my books page). I have started a youtube AuthorTube channel where I am documenting this crazy journey (called Vivi@Home Writes) I'm giving out tips, updates, my thoughts and snippets of my process, and the things I am learning. I am researching and learning what it will take to start my own indie small press publishing company here in California. I also have begun to build my Illustrator portfolio for my work. My methods might not be perfect, I might still have a long way to go but I am excited to be getting there finally.

SO this is a post to reintroduce my site and my new mission. I will have weekly videos on my channel, twice the posts on my blog, and newsletters going out to let you all know what the "sitch" is with my upcoming releases and books! EEEP Excited to get going from here!


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