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#Momwriterlife in Full Focus

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Here I sit. Bundled in sweats, my writing sweater, fuzzy socks, a warm cup of coffee at my side...the quiet nothing of early morning humming in my ears. I planned this. I rose before the sun, kissed my husband goodbye- seeing him off for a change. I knew if I could get to bed a little earlier the night before, I might have a shot at hitting that sweet spot in the morning before the rumble of the day begins. I settled down in my cozy spot on the sunken grey couch tipping the lid of my laptop up as the light nearly blinds me. My pulse quickens, I can’t wait to get out the words, I’m behind but I can catch up if only I write. The thoughts and images feel poised to spill out of me as the tension in my body begins to well. pulsing with the feeling I have waited for all week...quiet time just me and the keys. Just as I settle into the steps of opening up my document, clicking a few windows, the timid sense of tingling; a secret interlude between me and my manuscript prickles the hairs on the back of my neck. Only 7,500 words to catch up, to get me back on track. I got that wrapped up in a nice little bow inside me, waiting to be unfurled. Click ... click... then a noise reaches my perked ears. The subtle yet not so subtle sounds of muffled whimpers and huffing coming from the room only feet away. I push aside my silver chariot of storytelling, the white blank page blinking at me in confusion, as I make a mad dash into the bedroom still bathed in dreamy darkness.

And now here I sit, bundled in warmth, on the edge of a precipus of the word gully in my mind, prepared to dive in, with the 9month old asleep across my lap holding on firmly to me, no room for my computer, or the sweet release of writing. #hopeshedoesntwaketheothertwo #momwriterlife

...oops spoke too soon! #2outof3

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