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Money Saving Summer Fun

The clock winds down on the last day of school and you’re biting your nails staring wide-eyed at your little house wondering how you will keep your precious Lil’ monsters from running a-muck. Will they be too wild to handle, will boredom get the better of them because you just couldn’t afford summer camps, or will they tie up their baby sister as a hostage, just to have something to do? Will they suffer the dreaded “Summer Slide” and how can you prevent both them and you from screaming “I’m bored” twenty times a day?

Shout no more, I have a list that will help you with all of that.

First off, there are lots of community events in your local neighborhood. These programs are specifically designed with your little rug rats in mind. Some places in your neighborhood to look for these events are the local community Facebook page, and/or especially the City community center website. Here you will find a listing for local summer events, and if they are especially nice, they will even have it broken down to a kid-friendly list.

Some examples of events on this list might be:

*A list of restaurants taking part in Kids Eat Free nights, (or at least discounted)

*$1 or discounted Movie nights at the local AMC or Regal theater, they usually have recent offerings, but not always the newest release at a discounted rate.

^^^Expect lots of moms with kids, noise and dimmed lights. (Not the total darkness of a normal theater experience)

* If your community offers a Pool or Splash pad, they will have the hours and prices listed on the website and you can look for open swim times. It’s crowded usually on the hottest days so come prepared.

*Local Libraries always have summer reading programs and day events for the kids like, magic shows, story times, and book treasure hunts.

*At your local Mall there are usually tons of listings of free or low-cost events like crafts or fairs or just fun little activities, but be aware there is frequently a crowd, and it's hard to get to since malls are often a place to escape the heat.

*Some communities will have a listing for Movie nights in the park, at different local parks with different movies. The Movie offerings are often older popular flicks. Likewise, they also will offer listings for live summer concerts in the park, these can be great because you bring your own snacks, blankets, and just cuddle up and enjoy. Usually, the kids can play in the grass or at the playground as long as they don’t disturb the music appreciating audience.

*You can also look up your local Bowling Alley and see if they take part in a summer program called Kids Bowl Free. It’s a program that runs from June to August where the kids get two rounds free each per day each you just pay for the shoe rental (around $4.) You usually have to sign up at the beginning of the summer to take full advantage of the offer, it’s a great resource to solve the pains of summer boredom. You can find the website (here in CA) at https://www.kidsbowlfree.com/

You can use the referral code to sign up: http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/refer.php?referrer=vmccarthy5%40gmail.com

SO this is just a small list for you to help you beat the slow pace that comes with time at home with your little monsters for the summer. Please comment and let me know what kinds of activities you like to take your kids to so you can beat the summer blues. Have a fun summer everyone!  


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