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My Summer Writing Projects

As a new Self-Published Author, my first picture book is on Amazon for purchase; I have seen my months broken down differently than in the past. This summer, for instance, I have several works in transition stages. 

My first goal for the year of finishing the art and layout of my first picture book taught me several things about self publishing, and time management. So I am utilising several tried-and-true methods this summer to best move my current projects forward. I am starting a new marketing strategy starting this summer, for my current book on amazon. I also have finished designing the illustrations and color palette for my next children’s picture book, and I have begun the illustrations for that book. I feel that using the Kanban board and Trello (a time and task management app you can find here: https://trello.com/) for time management as well has really helped me lay out my time better to work on these very visual projects. 

Regarding my novel writing projects I feel that I have made leaps and bounds with those. My Witchy Romance I started for Camp Nano in April was a huge success. I have now finished the writing portion and will take a small break before diving into the editing process for that novel. I also am using my Trello and Kanban board to help with time management to help me plan/map out book 2 in that series. Likewise, since I will take a break from writing that series so I can edit and plot #2, I am diving back into my middle grade novel at the end of this month which will allow me to stretch my legs again in the MG/YA Fantasy Genre. I had felt last year that I was getting stuck, but seeing the timeline and planning pay off has helped me see where I can improve this story and grow the characters. 

So that is a sum up of the projects I am working on this Summer and where I expect to be by the time the kids are back in school and our lives and schedules are more ridged again. 

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