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Writing When You Don't Want To!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

You have had a major upset, or got way off track, your life is too hectic for you to keep track of, and oh yeah you have something writing related due, you know you have to work. You’ve got to write, but darn it; you don’t want to! So, now what?

All writer’s have been in this position in their writing career; I’m sure of it. In fact, this might be that pesky little thing that writers often mistake, or falsely blame on Writer's Block.

We know we have to do something and normally we love it, but we keep nagging ourselves in the back of our mind that if we don’t write all the time, are we even a writer?

But, I think the very nature of writing stems from sometimes not being able to write, and living fuels our writing. Sometimes, our writing can stand a little wiggle room, leaving room to live. When we sit at a computer or lock ourselves in from the world, as we writers do, we aren’t experiencing the things that inspire us. We need that inspiration to make the feelings and emotions and words we are writing real to our readers.

So, when you are sitting at home, staring at your screen, and you see that pulsing black line waiting for your next word and your mind is drawing a blank, or you feel as if you are pulling teeth to get out the memory of that first kiss for reference in a scene. Just grab your best mobile writing device (tablet, computer, paper and pen) and head into the great outdoors. I think it would surprise what inspiration you can find to write, just by not writing. Live a little, then get back to writing.

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